537 W. Sugar Creek Road
Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: 704.921 7707

537 W. Sugar Creek Road
Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: 704.921 7707
Copyright © Calvary Medical Clinic. 2010.  
Copyright © Calvary Medical Clinic. 2010.  

We want to partner with you, your family and other support teams to help you maintain a healthier, stronger, more-informed you!


Calvary Medical Clinic is a primary care clinic with the purpose of delivering quality and exceptional health care to our patients. Everyone deserves high-quality, compassionate medical care. That’s why we strive to bring every patient who walks through our door the best service at affordable rates. Our physicians, nurses and administrators are in the business of helping people first and foremost, not turning a profit.

Whether your children need a routine check-up or you’re a senior looking for the management of your multiple medical problems, our Doctor and ancillary staff will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible, while we treat you. Dr Marfo will partner with you in order to help you combat high Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or simply give you a physical.

If you require the further treatment of a specialist, we will always strive to recommend the best and even set up the appointment for you. Our referral team takes into consideration which insurances are accepted by the specialist physicians to avoid unnecessary out of pocket expenses.


To deliver the highest level of care to patients in the most cost effective, and compassionate manner. To provide quality, value-priced, primary health care service in a caring, nurturing and family-centered environment.  


Complete care in a compassionate environment. A lifetime of health, from our family to yours

Calvary Medical Clinic physicians, strive to provide the highest quality, cost-effective, ideal healthcare source in Charlotte area.

We will exceed the expectations of those we serve by:



We are committed to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our patients.


We respect each person as a member of our Internal Medicine community. Involvement and teamwork determine our future.


We consistently strive to achieve excellence at all levels in the organization.


We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our patients, visitors and colleagues.


We promote leadership as an attitude, not a position, putting value on both people and the work they do.


We will be straightforward, honest and respectful.

We embrace the diversity of all people, patients and the communities we serve.