537 W. Sugar Creek Road
Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28213
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537 W. Sugar Creek Road
Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28213
Phone: 704.921 7707
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Why are some individuals successful at losing weight and keeping it off?  Here are some key findings:

 They make substantial changes in their eating and physical activity habits to lose and maintain their weight, and they maintain these changes.

 They keep track of their calorie intake.

 They eat healthy low-calorie, low-fat foods that include fruits, vegetables, and other high-fiber foods.

 Eight out of ten eat breakfast every day.

 They engage in 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity daily.  Walking is the most popular activity.

Successful weight losers report a significant improvement in their self-confidence, mood, and physical health.  They find maintaining their weight loss gets easier over time.  They get used to and start to enjoy their new way of eating and getting more physical activity.  Source: National Weight Control Registry, www.nwcr.ws.